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John Ralls-4
        at (tag)
   tagging  5d80a52eaa3af1135e6854a3d6326df4a3f73268 (commit)
  replaces  3.1
 tagged by  John Ralls
        on  Sun Jun 24 11:09:38 2018 -0700

Tag release 3.2

Benjamin Gordon (1):
      Add support for libsecret to cmake

Bill Nottingham (2):
      Fix some copy-pasted code.
      Modify date formatters to strip out certian specifiers.

Carsten Rinke (2):
      Bug787401 - Test Report System - Report Definition
      Bug787401 - Test Report System - Report Definition

Christian Stimming (2):
      Optimize calls to get_path_kvp so that std::strings are not always created and deleted immediately.
      Register speed-up for large files.

Christopher Lam (78):
      guile-json - initial commit
      Modify CMakeLists to test for presence of guile-json
      guile-json: upgrade to 4-byte unicode chars.
      guile-json: attempt cmake
      test-TR: change report out filenames
      TR: (simplify) dynamically check SUBTOTAL-ENABLED?
      TR: (simplify) dynamically check CUSTOM-SORTING?
      TR: (centralize) centralize custom-sorter split comparators
      TR: (ENH) enable subtotal/grouping for Transaction Notes
      TR: (ENH) enable subtotal/grouping for Transaction Description
      TR: (ENH) enable subtotal/grouping for Split Memo
      TR: (ENH) do not add headers if hiding transaction data
      TR: (ENH) add Closing-status filter, enable it by default
      TR: rename some variable names to be more descriptive
      TR: sanitize string
      GSTR: sanitize string
      html-utilities.scm: new home (gnc:html-render-options-changed)
      utilities.scm: centralize and modernize addto!
      srfi64-extras.scm: centralize (gnc:test-runner)
      test-extras.scm: centralize (gnc:options->sxml)
      test-extras.scm: remove dead code
      test-extras.scm: (logging-and) is obsolete
      test-date-utilities.scm: to SRFI64
      html-table.scm: centralize (gnc:html-table-set-last-row-style!)
      business-report/test: create test directory
      html-text.scm: schemify
      list-extras.scm: trim useless utility functions
      html-utilities.scm: simplify
      report-system/cmakelists: fix scm_test_report_system_SOURCES
      collectors.scm: rewrite binary-search-lt to be clearer
      test-extras.scm: centralize (sxml->table-row-col)
      test-GSTR: implementation testing for GST Report
      business-reports/*.scm: close tags to make valid XHTML
      gnc:options->sxml allow alphanumeric in test filename
      Bug 796081 Tax Schedule Report - An error occurred while running the report
      [TR] refactor add-subtotal-row
      [TR] [bugfix] upgrade add-subtotal-row & grid for >1 commodities.
      [TR] [bugfix] disable grid if primary-key doesn't have subtotal
      [TR] [ENH] grid can easily display averages
      [hello-world] amend comment from timepair to time64
      [html-table] unused gnc:html-table-merge
      [html-table] gnc:html-table-set-row-style! uses cons*
      [html-table] use srfi-1
      [html-table] compact html-table-append-row!
      [webkit] eradicate gtkhtml in .scm
      [test-cashflow-barchart] hide debugging messages
      [STYLESHEETS] modify stylesheet to accept document style-text
      [html-anytag] generic html tag object
      [test-transaction] modify test to be acceptable to MacOS
      Bug 796537 - Transaction Report cannot sort by "num"
      [easy-invoice.scm] fix html to be parsable by sxml
      [test-extras.scm] upgrade options->sxml to parse   entities
      [test-extras.scm] options->sxml to whitespace
      [test-invoice] initial commit
      [test-invoice] last test inv-8 is paid up
      [test-invoice] also test easy-invoice
      [test-invoice] also test fancy-invoice
      [test-invoice] add gncOrder display and testing
      [html-text] [bugfix] img url was mistakenly disabled.
      [test-extras] split gnc:options->sxml into 2 functions
      [test-net-charts] initial commit test-net-charts
      [net-charts] combine net-[bar|line]chart.scm into net-charts.scm
      [net-charts] *reindent/whitespace*
      [net-charts] use scheme rationals directly
      [net-charts] styling table for all charts
      [test-charts] rename test-net-charts to test-charts
      [test-charts] will now test presence of *all* standard charts
      [webkit] eradicate css?
      [test-extras] upgrade env-transfer-foreign to update pricedb
      [test-transaction] upgrade to test foreign conversion too
      [html-acct-table] sanitize   in (gnc-commodity-table)
      [balance-sheet] sanitize & in (add-subtotal-line)
      [test-balance-sheet] initial commit
      Merge old tests with their support files.
      [test-TR] add tests for reconcile report, date filter
      Bug 796614 - Reconciliation report contains incorrect transactions
      [TR] apply custom-sort after filtering.
      [TR] move options-summary to appear above subtotal-table

Fabian Köster (1):
      Fix syntax

Geert Janssens (28):
      Get metadata migration working again when upgrading from 2.6 to 3.1
      Make 'Printable report' in invoice search dialog work
      Merge branch 'patch-1' of into maint
      Fix guile-json inclusion
      Merge branch 'import_guile_json' into maint
      Lowercase cmake commands
      Install guile-json on the toplevel scm directory instead of gnucash
      Merge branch 'maint' into master
      Bug 795666 - Backslash "\" in Description field spoils CSV Import without helpful error message
      Handle the common csv double quote escape variation (repeating the double quote)
      Work around a conflict between gcc 8.0 and swig 3.0
      Work around gtk warnings with gcc 8.0
      Merge branch 'scheme-progress' of into maint
      Use lowercase for account type descriptions
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Bug 795519 - Credit card payment after reconciliation
      New Dutch translation imported from the Translation Project
      Improve rounding for invoice entry values
      A more detailed revision of gncEntry and gncInvoice related rounding
      Update invoice reports to use totals calculate by gncInvoice
      Merge branch 'maint-scheme-more-progress' of into maint
      Merge branch 'maint-eradicate-gtkhtml' of into maint
      Minor build error message improvement
      Use a comment to indicate full account name in saved register state
      Bug 796638 - configuration not properly saved for CSV transactions import form
      Restore mechanism to prevent windows from being restored off-screen on opening a book
      Bug 795944 - Cannot store change to Business Suppliers data
      Merge branch 'bug795471' of into maint

Guido Falsi (2):
      FreeBSD does not have the daylight global. Add alternative implementation of the check emulating the glibc daylight global.
      Call tzset() to make sure tzname[] is initializaed with local timezone data.

John Ralls (59):
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Merge branch 'maint'
      Restore version in CMakeLists.txt.
      Add GNC_DBD_DIR to etc/gnucash/environment for MacOS builds.
      Merge PR116 into maint.
      Bug 796079 - Repeatable Crash in Tax Report Options.
      Fix misplaced try block that caused unhandled exception if year out of range.
      Bug 796369 - Notes lost or perhaps just not displaying when using...
      Bug 796409 - Incorrect Current Value for Stocks
      Merge Ryan Schmidt's 'case-sensitive' into maint
      Merge Paul Wassi's "Fix Permanent Storage" PR into maint.
      Merge Bill Nottingham's 'bad-dates' into maint
      normalize date formats the C++ way.
      [DBI Backend] Remove unused TableOpTypes.
      Correct the type of error variables.
      [DBI Backend] If there's a set error value use that to set the backend error.
      [DBI Backend] Rework backup-table management.
      Make float database operations more consistent.
      Ensure full precision of doubles is saved to SQL.
      A wee bit of C++ style.
      Bug 796117 - Connecting 3.1 to an existing mysql db drops all data
      Fix ubuntu build failure.
      Merge Bob Fewell's Bug Fixes 5 into maint.
      Merge Keve Mueller's 'xea-fixes' into maint
      Revert "Merge Keve Mueller's 'xea-fixes' into maint"
      Bug 796423 - Cannot Input Chinese, seems does not work with...
      Merge Chris Lam's branch 'maint-test-transaction-amendments' into maint.
      Merge Chris Lam's 'maint-html-layout' into maint.
      Merge Carsten Rinke's branch 'Bug787401-TestReport-Definition' into maint.
      Don't look for backend libraries in old autotools subdirs.
      Bug 795362 - Special variable "i" not parsed in function calls
      Bug 796527 - invalid currency on scheduled transactions
      Bug 796484 - csv import: iostream error
      Bug 795276 - Invalid date on price stops file from being parsed.
      Bug 796248 - Editing Scheduled Transaction
      Fix test-tokenizer failure due to not nulling the GError*.
      Merge Bob Fewell's 'fixes6' into maint.
      Merge Chris Lam's 'maint-fix-796537' into maint.
      Merge Chris Lam's 'maint-test-invoice' into maint.
      Merge Chris Lam's 'maint-test-net-charts' into maint.
      Merge Chris Lam's 'maint-chartjs-part-1' into maint.
      Remove abandoned C-language QIF implementation.
      Revert "Remove abandoned C-language QIF implementation."
      Remove abandoned C-Language QIF implementation.
      Bug 795272 - QIF importer causes application crash if action is invalid.
      Bug 796595 - QIF Import Select Account button to add a new account...
      Remove emacs spoor from
      Bug 796586 - QIF import incorrectly converts unicode characters from...
      Fix build of windows resources file.
      Bug 796600 - stock split cash-in-lieu income/asset labels backwards.
      Merge Chris Lam's 'maint-test-all-charts' into maint.
      Prevent "quit without saving" dialog at shutdown when there's no session.
      New clang error enforces virtual destructors.
      Revert "Bug 796248 - Editing Scheduled Transaction"
      [DBI Backend] Init and finalize the backend in setup and teardown.
      Merge Bob Fewell's 'reg-tooltips' into maint.
      Merge Chris Lam's  'maint-fix-796614' into maint.
      Add some files missing from the diat so distcheck passes.
      Release GnuCash 3.2

Keve Müller (2):
      Small XML related fixes removing ambiguity improving uniformity
      Small XML related fixes removing ambiguity improving uniformity

Paul Wassi (1):
      Fix permanent storage of vendor details.

Potuz (1):
      Bug 794617 - Can't compile with -DWITH_GNUCASH=NO due to scm-gnome-utils

Robert Fewell (21):
      Bug 795101 - Fix the reconcile window sort order
      Change the right margin setting for reconcile totals
      Bug 795471 - Budget editor resize problems
      Budget editor total column label alignment
      Adjust Budget editor totals column width
      Remove some white space from gnc-budget-view.c
      Bug 796083 - Reconcile view toggle not being drawn correctly
      Bug 796256 - Closing Gnucash when minimized on windows
      When register pages are restored it uses the full account name.
      Add the full account name to the saved register settings
      Prevent crash in gnc-tree-view.c
      Bug 796398 - Restrict accelerator keys to valid date range
      In qof_scan_date returns valid date when day and month are 0
      Fix some indentation in datecell-gnome.c
      Add a dialog to warn users that date is out of range
      Bug 795831 - When read only threshold set, dates are silently changed
      Add the ability to have register cell tooltips
      Add a couple of tooltips to the register
      Bug 795471 - Make sure account column has expand option
      Simplify getting the cell renderer in budget view
      Added some padding to the numbers in Budget view

Ryan Schmidt (1):
      Fix build on case-sensitive filesystems

gnucash-dev (2):
      Fix typo
      Merge branch 'maint'

goodvibes2 (1):
      Use HINTS instead of PATHS to tell cmake where to look for GTEST + GMOCK

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