What can I do to help fix or isolate this?

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What can I do to help fix or isolate this?

Jason Ahrens

I have a fairly new install of Gentoo and I'm using gnucash 2.0.1.

I've started running into a problem today. I started using gnucash 2.0.1
a couple of weeks ago, and today got my first paystub since starting.

I set up my expense accounts and begin entering my split. I do not know
if the split has anything to do with the problem, but it may be
significant as, so far, it's been the only time I've been able to cause
this to happen.

While entering the values for the various parts of the split, GNUCash
crashes. There is no explanation. On the console all I see is:
jason@lynx ~ $ gnucash
Illegal instruction
jason@lynx ~ $

So far, this has happened all three times I've tried to enter my
paystub. It has happened at various points in the process (ie: is not
linked to a specific account), but always while entering some part of
the information required for the split. The last time I was almost done.
I was pressing backspace to edit my description field on the last item
when it happened.

I have been, so far, unable to find a common thread, other than every
time I was editing a split to enter my pay information. I'd like to
figure out what's going on here, track it down. Does anyone have any
suggestions? Is there a way to make gnucash tell me what it is doing
when this happens?

Ok, make that 4 now, but I do have an strace from the last run if that
helps at all :P


PS: I finally got this to work by pressing 'save' after every item in the split was entered. That time, it did not crash.

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