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Suggestions for cap gain calculation

Boyd Kelly (Coast Systems)

As tax time is rapidly approaching, and I have a bunch of cap gains/losses to declare, I am trying to figure out the best way of doing this in or out of gnucash.  (I have data since 1999!)

I have been looking at g2 cvs and lots, but 'view' lots doesn't seem at this point (i know this is a work in progress) to provide the necessary info or be incorporated into a report.

In a transaction report of my Sold securities I am able to produce the following:

Transaction Report
>From 2005-01-01 To 2005-12-31
Date Num Description Account Shares Price Amount
2005-02-23 ALA Buy          70.00 10.18 ALA 70 ALA
2005-06-29 ALA Buy          40.00 11.18 ALA 40 ALA
2005-09-19      ALA Sell         -30.00 12.96 ALA      -30 ALA

I could export this and import into calc, but will also require some massaging.  I can't get the account field to show, the 'amount', and price fields are appended with the stock ticker.  And most importantly the commission paid would have to be done on a second report and then merged or something.  

Otherwise I am investigating the xslt export procedure on 'Jasons' web site.  ( but at this point I am having problems with xalan on my gentoo box. So while I am sorting this out, are there any other suggestions on producing a cap gain report for tax purposes?




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