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Robert Wadley
Speaking of wiki's...
There is a lot of financial content that is fairly generic that could be
used by multiple projects. I thought it would be a good idea to
collaborate on this type of non-application specific content so I put
together a wiki that can be a shared resource between all of the open
source personal finance applications for their users.

It is intended to hold financial information and principles that are
universal and not specific to any particular personal accounting package.
The wiki is somewhat generic in its look, allowing it to blend in
(hopefully) with the pre-existing websites of each project. It can be
"branded" to some extent which will also help it to blend in with
pre-existing sites.
It is independantly hosted ( http://www.mymoneyresource.com/ ) so it
will not require any of your own (or of any other project's) server
space other then a page "branding" and linking to it.

I put together a page to show how this might look for GnuCash

I hope you guys are open to collaboration on something like this.
Any thoughts?


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