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Searching for transactions

Jeffrey Black
I am sure there have been similar questions asked many times and answers posted somewhere before but; I can't seem to ask google the right questions.  Being a now former Quicken user, all the way back to the very first version, I am tired of paying the extortion fees and using sloppy accounting methods.  I have unfortunately become dependent on it's search/replace and reports.

I am currently using GnuCash 2.16.7 on Window$ 10.  GnuCash has it's quirks but; so do I.

The find transaction feature has been somewhat problematic for me to get the hang of.  


Is there any way at all to make the Edit/Find put all results, each time it is used to refine a search, in a new search tab instead of the current search tab?  I frequently find I need to refine a search and if I inadvertently type in the wrong criteria oops -- blank result tab.  Start all over because all results of the previous searches are gone now.

--JEffrey Black M.B.A.


I even discovered accidentally that GnuCash also, while not designed to, can track U.S. tax deductible mileage (medical, farm, etc) and my cattle herd records (calves, breeding etc).  Now if it would just track the cows when they hide in the timber!!