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Re: building with recent g-wrap fails

Derek Atkins <[hidden email]> writes:

> Harry Putnam <[hidden email]> writes:
>> David Hampton <[hidden email]> writes:
>>> That's rarely true when compiling a program.  In general, the 'xxx'
>>> package satisfies runtime requirements, but the 'xxx-devel' package is
>>> needed to satisfy the additional compile time requirements.  You need to
>>> install the g-wrap-devel package.
>>> David
>> Yup, I knew that too... no brain at work here.
>> Still, after installing the devel I'm erroring out on finding ghttp.
>>   [...]  Unknown library `ghttp' Unknown library `ghttp' checking for
>>   ghttp_request_new in -lghttp... no configure: error: Cannot find
>>   ghttp. See the README and config.log for more info.
>> That is not a package that fedora knows about.  And even though the
>> error says to look at README, it isn't mentioned in the README or
>> INSTALL files.  I see some mention in NEWS and changelog.1 but not
>> enough to actually be informative.
> The package is "libghttp-devel"
> "yum search ghttp" should have told you this.

Seems then that it should be called by name ... no?

I've never gone over to yum ... still use up2date tools.

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