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Re : SX editor crash ; Getting a list of all SX's and settings

Peter Kiessling
Sun, 11 Jan 2015 15:18:03
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Is there a way to get a printable report of all the SX?s and their

Which backend are you using?

If it is XML the answer is probably "no, not easily" unless you have
access to a natural, popular and broadly implemented XML query language.
I think we'd have heard about it by now.

More hopefully, if it is one of the SQLs then ask more specifically and
you'll get some help, I use SQLite and Postgres and might be able to
translate MySql at a push, chances are someone else will pick it up if
it is MySql specific.

From where I am the query is simple, which bit are you having difficulty

Thanks Wm…
I’m using an iMac with 10.10.1. and a straight download of Gnucash 2
.6.5. I don’t use SQL that I know of. I looked in the archives and didn’t find much that could help me at my level of incompetence. I was looking for a report I could save that would help me if I had another problem such as I just had.
Each month I generate ( easily) a series of slightly customized transactions reports that I import into excel(paste special<unicode>) and then with a little <countIf> magic compare to credit card and bank statements. Identifies the things I select with ease ( or missed) considering  credit cards with at least 50 or more items each (Myself plus Wife). So it is a great trackable record.  I was looking for something similar in SX. I use to use Quicken but that didn’t do as well.  Gnwucash does give men more data.


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