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Derek Atkins

This question should have been asked on gnucash-user and
not to me directly.  Please forward all replies back to the

"Nathan L. Adams" <[hidden email]> writes:

> Hello Derek,
> Google tells me that you are the fellow who thought of the tax table
> feature in GNUcash (and we all know that our Google-overlords are never
> wrong...). :)

They are true here, too..

> Anyhow, I can't find anything about the tax table feature in the
> documentation, so I assume that it is either a fairly new feature or the
> documentation is fairly out-dated. In any case I was wondering if you
> could shed some light on the feature.

There's a little documentation in the business section of the
docs.  The feature has been around since 1.8 as an integral part
of the business features.  When you create customer invoices and
vendor bills, you can attach a tax table to each line-item and
gnucash will automatically compute the taxes for you when you
post the invoice.

As you didn't ask a specific question, I can't answer anything
specific.  Ask again (on the list) and I or someone else can answer.

> Any help is greatly appreciated!
> Thanks,
> Nathan


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