QFX: Account Number Changed & Import is confused

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QFX: Account Number Changed & Import is confused

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My credit card company changed the account number. Now when I try to download OFX/QFX transactions, gnucash (2.6.4/OSX 10.11) creates a sub-account under the original cc and doesn't show transactions under the new account number.

I read Jim DeLaHunt's description of xml munging but wonder if there is an easier way.

I just looked at the xml code using xcode and found the
<gnc:account version="2.0.0">
<slot:key>online id</slot:key>
<slot:value type="string">"nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn"</slot:value>

where xxxx is the company (cc issuer name) and nnnn is the actual account number.

Can this be fixed by just changing the nnnnn to the new credit card number in the xml and fix what is broken?

At some point I'd like to migrate this to postgresql but for two reasons: 1. I'm absolutely terrified of losing data, and there is no postgres option in the file/save as.


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