Please consider adding 'prospective/future accounting'

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Please consider adding 'prospective/future accounting'

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Hello Dev list

I have been using GNUCash for my personal accounting needs for a few years now and love it.  
I have an idea and have thought about requesting it for a long time also.

GNUCash is very retrospective.

I (and others) would love to be able to make better decisions now, based on future planned accounting scenarios.


I would like to record (now) all known future incomes and expenses: Sort of like future accounting.
Based on those inc. and exp.'s, I will know that at a future date I will have enough money to pay each bill on time.  Of course displayed numerically and graphically.

In addition to the above, it would be useful to record planned scenarios like; 'Plan A' take out a loan for a TV, 'Plan B' buy that TV on hire purchase, 'Plan C' buy the TV in cash.  That would show me the best way to use my money now, based on the future planning etc.


GNUCash really doesn't help average personal uses much with planning.
Adding the ability to plan formally in software would take the package to that next level.