Payable Aging Report Totals column produces error

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Payable Aging Report Totals column produces error

Hi All:

Has anyone encountered this error, or know of a way to work around it?

When I select the Payable Aging report it shows a list of bills due,
etc, etc.

If I click on the company name, it opens a window showing me the info
for that particular vendor.
However, if I click on the value in the Total column, Instead of getting
a report, It opens a report with a tab title of "Vendor Report" and this
Report error
An error occurred while running the report.

What I was hoping to do was be able to click on the total amount and
then view details for the background on the amounts due to this vendor,
hopefully the invoice details along with payments processed.

Is this possible or can someone point me in a direction to try to
accomplish this?


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