No HBCI access to Volksbank

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No HBCI access to Volksbank

Hi, gc experts,

after you made me able to install and run gc and hbci, there is already the next problem:

Even with assistance of the hbci experts of the bank I cannot access my account, because gc don't allow it.
Bank says ID must leave blank - if I do, I cannot proceed. Must be a misinterpretation, I think correct  it's "vrnetkey".
Then we left the customer number blank. Program is asking, if this is correct. Yes, but no proceeding.
After setting all peronal datas, as wanted by the program, the certificate is checked and it connects successfully to the server. After asking for the PIN appears the following message:

11:02:33 - waiting for response
11:02:34 - connection (Port 443) ended
11:02:34 - HTTP-Status: 200 OK
11:02:34 - received response
11:02:34 - HBCI: 9800 - aborted (M)
11:02:34 - HBCI: 9942 - PIN is wrong for customer/account ......./....... (S)
11:02:34 - dialog aborted by server.
11:02:34 - AqHBCI finished.

To change the basic data is not possible.
To erase the account is not possible.
Removing it from ./banking/backends/aqhbci/setting.conf: - hbci don't run
So I removed aqbanking by synaptic and reinstalled it: - hbci is there but don't run in gc.
Removing gc is not possible, because made with "make install", must remove it manually and reinstall it, but error message (sorry, but forget it).
Erased all gc files, exept data files on external disk, looking again for the link to install gc package. Hurray, this time I found it. Downloading, installing and create the package was finished in a few minutes with one step only.
Everyting is running again. I created a new account, changing the datas a bit, according to the bank requirements, but the same than before.
If I think it over, the result is, that maybe I'm too poor minded to use LINUX as OS, because since I started, I encountered problems with installing and using programs almost every day. But I also hate WINDOWS, especially I  m u s t  use it in the office, because there is no driver for the Lexmark X7170 that I have to use for printing. It's boring, always to change from LIN to WIN if you want to print something that you created in LINUX.
Is there somebody who has experiance in using HBCI banking with Volksbank or Raiffeisenbank?
And is there somebody who can tell me, how I can erase an account in gc hbci, without finishing the access to hbci?
I thank you in advance - have a nice day.

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