New gnucash website - demo available, new content needed.

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New gnucash website - demo available, new content needed.

Neil Williams-2
The website has undergone an overhaul since going into svn.

Large sections that have moved to the wiki have been removed from the main
site and a new translation mechanism, using gettext and PHP, is in place. The
bulk of the navigation links redirect to the wiki.

If your browser correctly sets your language preferences, the site will look
for a matching translation. Currently, the only translation is en_GB but any
European language can be supported easily - other languages may just need a
tweak on the demo and/or main server to install locale support. If no
translation is found for any particular message, en_US is used.

The bulk of the translatable messages are not likely to change, ever, because
they are from the oldnews page, but translators should note that there are
some strings that are likely to change.

There is a POT file available for translators (currently 1,201 messages) to
view in advance of a string freeze once other contributors are happy with the
new content. The POT file can be generated from the svn export/checkout.
(Translators can start working on any message in www/oldnews.phtml)

Instructions in the README in svn.

The code is due to transfer to the main gnucash site on Monday but is now
ready for testing at:

To see the translation, change your browser preferences to look for en_GB
before en or en_US. (Firefox may need a restart to properly change the
language preferences - it tries to read from it's cache otherwise.) The en_GB
translation primarily changes check to cheque, color to colour and favorite
to favourite, etc. (Two nations divided by a common language.)

Once French, German, Dutch and Portuguese translations become available, the
relevant links on the header will be updated to assist those visitors whose
browsers don't set the language properly.

The Feature slideshow needs updating - new screenshots and new content - via

The Documentation page "Tutorial and Help" also needs updating as the
gnucash-docs get updated for 2.0.

New news items can be uploaded as text/plain. I've got a few more tweaks to
put in place for translation of 'new' news.

Oldnews may be split into sub-pages later but this won't affect translation
(new .mo binaries can be generated without requiring a new file from the

The demo site only updates from svn once daily. Changes should be checked in a
local mirror prior to commit.

To use an svn checkout with apache, you may need to hide the .svn folder in
each directory.


Neil Williams

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