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Salvatore Buttice
OK, I upgraded from 1.8.6 to 2.0.1 from build r14585 (fc5 rpm version).
I finally got everything installed, and then recreated some transactions
that I had lost in a crash of 1.8.6. When I brought them in, I noticed
that the balance was off. Sure enough, after searching through the
transactions in the check register, I have a transaction with a balance
of 653.23, then I have a 10.00 transaction, and the balance goes to
633.23. So I deleted it and remade it, didn't make a difference. Then I
noticed that when I deleted it, the next transaction was a $20 check,
and the balance goes from 653.23 to 623.23. Remove the transaction
before and you the imbalance stays there as well. I removed all the
transactions up to the last valid one and reentered them manually, and
the phantom account is still there.

Anyone else having a similar problem or have any suggestions?


Salvatore A. Buttice <[hidden email]>
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