Here is one additional new report - compare cash flows

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Here is one additional new report - compare cash flows

This report allows you to compare cash flows between time periods.
To use it under the general tab select a time period such as last month
then on the compare tab select which time periods to compare it with such
as the prior three months.

To install, download the attached files and put them into your .gnucash
folder.  In windows for me this is c:/users/UserName/.gnucash.  Warning if
you already have a config.user file then first put into a different folder
and then copy the entries in config.user into your existing config.user

The gnctimeperiod-utilities.scm file is the same one that was published on
June 13th.

if you have other reports I have posted, make sure you have updated to the
versions posted June 13th 2017 in the post titled
"Proposed Additional Reports".

If you have the entry
(load (gnc-build-dotgnucash-path "current-vs-average.scm"))
in your config.user file delete the line or edit the file
current-vs-average.scm and make the following two changes:
1. at line 3288 change the entry 'none to 'one so it looks like
 (list begindate enddate 'one)))

2. at line 3488 change the entry 'none to 'one
(avg-num-days (round (/ (caddr (car (gnc:getdatedelta (list begindate2
enddate2 'one)))) num-periods)))

Doug Doughty

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