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Greg Novak-2
I've thought for a long time now that it would be useful if there were
a central place to post/get code for reports.  If one person takes the
time to write/customize a report, it seems very likely that another
person would also find the report useful.

It seems that at the moment the main route for people sharing reports
is to contribute directly to the Gnucash source tree.  That's quite a
lot of overhead, and it seems that it would be nice to have a more
casual way of passing these things around.  

Does such a thing exist and I've just missed it?

If not, it seems like the Wiki would be a good place to start.  I
would take the initiative and post some code for reports there, but
alas, the few Gnucash reports I've written were written long ago and
have fallen into disuse.  

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