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Hello all.
I have an XML file like the attached one, and i would like to import
those transactions in GnuCash.
Is this somehow possible? Maybe transforming the XML file using XSLT?
Could someoune tell me how I can import transactions like the one
attached in GnuCash?
It's for a J2ME midlet I am developing for J2ME capable Handhelds.
If you want you can have a look at it here:


        <Record num="0">
                <Date>3.6.2004 13:27</Date>
        <Record num="1">
                <Date>3.6.2004 13:28</Date>
                <Description>Some shirts</Description>
        <Record num="2">
                <Date>3.6.2004 9:28</Date>
                <FromCategory>Cash Card</FromCategory>

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