GnuCash, Windows 8.1 and the Magic of Touch

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GnuCash, Windows 8.1 and the Magic of Touch

So my "active" laptop bit the dust, and on Thanksgiving Day, got a heck of a deal on a Dell Inspiron 15, touch screen.  I'm running GnuCash 2.63 and Windows 8.1.

1. The thrill may run its course (sigh, like so many experiences and people in life), but it's currently pure enjoyment using the touch screen with GnuCash.  I find myself using it in conjunction with the keyboard, just makes paying bills that much more enjoyable.  What's not to like about that.

2. Installed 2.6.3 with no problem, and as pathetic as it sounds, found myself reveling (sp?) in the fact that I didn't have to install Perl separately.

3. GnuCash loads and runs so much faster...

4. After trying out the themes, for the first time color has entered my life with GnuCash, it has a whole new look which I luv.

5. Have also fooled with the Chrome Remote Desktop, to access and use GnuCash remotely, and it's an option, not sure how often I'll use it.

6. The lack of a robust mobile app still has me watching out for a nicer pair of legs; the current GnuCash app works, I have no problem whatsoever in importing my transactions, but gawd, wouldn't it be nice to see your balances on a GnuCash mobile app?  What year is this, 2014??????

But back to the touch, it really is fun to use it with GnuCash, sometimes it's just so easier to point and touch, then have to find the right keys on the keyboard, especially when the laptop is sitting on your chest at 2 am in the morning and you're trying to navigate the keys, so much easier to just point... definitely recommend the experience of touch with GnuCash.