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[GNC] error message when opening preferences

Karin Lagesen

I am starting over with gnucash, and thought I'd do a clean re-install.
Note, I am on windows, and have removed all the gnucash files I could
find before installing 3.1.

However, now I am getting an annoying error message every time I try to
look at the preferences, as well as when I do "save as":

Gnucash.exe - No Disk
There is no disk in the drive. Please insert a disk into drive

I have the options Cancel, Try Again and Continue. Try Again just pops
up the message again, so do the other two too. However, if I click
enough times on Cancel or Continue, the message goes away.

Note, when I change something in Preferences, that change stays when I
quit and restart.

This is quite annoying, and if anybody could shed some light on what has
happened and how to get rid of said message, I'd be very happy.

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