[GNC] debian gnucash problem finding libgncmod-ledger-core.so

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[GNC] debian gnucash problem finding libgncmod-ledger-core.so

John Griessen-3
when I run debian packaged gnucash   1:2.6.15-1

I get this error message:

gnucash: error while loading shared libraries: libgncmod-ledger-core.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

There is a file here:
and it has the same date as all the others in the same dir.

I also have others in the same dir:
such as libgncmod-stylesheets.so libgncmod-utility-reports.so libgncmod-csv-import.so libgncmod-standard-reports.so

Is there a way to make  a symlink to help this?  Use pkgconfig better to help this?

I can't get compilation to work on debian testing either.

So, back to using an old version of gnucash...
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