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Hi everyone,

I’m trying to migrate from Quicken 2015 for Mac to GnuCash.

I’ve seen the recommended way to import is using a qif file, but unfortunately Quicken 2015 for Mac doesn’t offer qif export.  I went through the GnuCash Help manual and the GnuCash Tutorials and Concepts Guide, no success.

I tried all export formats supported by Quicken 2015 Mac, but didn’t find anything useful :

Quicken uses a sqlite3 file as its standard save file.

I can export to .qxf (not .qfx)  (Quicken For Windows Transfert File)  It’s a binary file that GnuCash doesn’t seem to recognize.

I can also export to .qmtf (Quicken for Mac 2007 Transfer File).  Is a text file similar to the .qif file, but is not recognized by GnuCash.  (I even tried to rename the file to .qif, still no success)

Finally, I can export to a .csv file (no accounts, just « Register Transactions »).  GnuCash’s preview of imported transactions shows nothing, so my .csv file may not be what GnuCash expects.


I have about 10 years of history in Quicken, so I would prefer to bring my history to GnuCash instead of starting with an empty database.  What’s the easiest way to get my data into GnuCash ?

I’ve seen at the end of the Help Manual an example awk script to convert a .csv file to a .qif file.  Could bring transactions but will probably need to create accounts manually before importing transactions.

I can write awk/sed/vi scripts if needed.  The QIF file format is documented quite well on Wikipedia, so I may be able to fix my .qmtf file into a valid .qif file for GnuCash.  

Quicken 2015 internal format is a sqlite3 database.  The file is readable, so if I find where transactions are stored I may be able to while a SQL query to generate a QIF file.


Any suggestions ?


Yves Forget
[hidden email]

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