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[GNC] Questions about Future Scheduled Transactions Summary

Hi all,

I've never used the Future Scheduled Transactions Summary report before and am not sure if the generated report contents I'm seeing are per design.

I have a scheduled transaction that records a monthly phone expense against a bank account. It prompts for a variable.

The report has a balance column, but it is zero'd out *except* for the checking account, which seems to report the change to the balance at the end of the reporting period, not the balance. Is this correct?

Since the transaction prompts for a value, what is the reported decrease in the value of the account based on? Is it projected from the most recent run, an average of all historic runs or something else?

Finally, I'm not clear on why the reported reduction in the checking account is not matched by a reported increase in the expense account. If checking is reported as -504 for the year, why does the phone account not show a corresponding +504?

Thanks for any clarification.

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