[GNC] Mortgage & Loan Repayment Crashes GnuCash

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[GNC] Mortgage & Loan Repayment Crashes GnuCash

Don Billings
I am new to GnuCash and converting from Quicken.  So far, I like the
program.  I am trying to set up a mortgage repayment for an old mortgage in
order for GnuCash to calculate the interest each month.  I enter the
information on the two page (first entry page) with the original mortgage
information (amount, date, percent,...), click next to see the escrow
page.  I enter nothing as I do not pay extra to escrow accounts.  When I on
click next, GnuCash crashes without a message.

I am running version 3.4 build id 3.4+ (2018-12-30) on a Windows 10
laptop.  Windows 10 is version 1809 (OS build 17763.253).

I need to know how to see what the error is and then how to correct it if
it is data related.  Any help will be appreciated as I am currently still
using Quicken and doing double entry until I know GnuCash will work.

Please advise.


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