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[GNC] Lost Transactions - Increase logging level?

Justin Vallon
I started using GnuCash, Mac v3.1.3, about a month ago, creating a new
account using SQLite3 db.  I ended up importing a few credit card
statements, setup some expense accounts, a checking account, etc.

When I reopened my accounts a week ago, all of the imported credit card
transactions were missing - except for one payment from Checking, and
two payment entries (ie: pay Insurance by credit card).

I am sure that I reconciled my paper credit-card statement, so the
transactions were there at some point.  I am fairly certain that I did
not make a copy of the gnucash datafile.  So, the imported and
reconciled transactions should be in the file.

I checked the SQLite database, and was only able to find the three
transactions in the credit card account.

If this is a case of user-error: it would be concerning that I could
bulk-delete transactions "by accident".

If this is a case of bug: this is a little concerning.

Are there any logging options that could track (for example) all SQL
being executed against the database?  Or, anything else that would help
diagnose this issue if it ever happens again?

I found https://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Logging shows how to configure
logging.  I am wondering what would be useful.

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