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[GNC] Issue with gcinvoice add-on


I've been using the gcinvoice python package for a couple of years to generate invoices via LaTeX, and it has always run reliably until now.

gcinvoice is a script that takes a couple of arguments, including the .gnucash file to pull invoice data from and, of course, the invoice number. It is now erroring out with messages such as

ERROR:gcinvoice:No invoice found for invoiceid [I-00233].

I've confirmed that I-00233 (and other failed invoices) is correct and even unzipped the .gnucash xml file to check the invoice number against the plain text. All looks good. I am on a Mac and the only recent change was a home-brew update that may have touched python dependancies. Has anyone else had issues recently with gcinvoice and found a solution?

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