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[GNC] Import Map Editor in 3.3

Jim Passmore
I wanted to try the import map editor, to help improve imports of QIF files
from my retirement accounts (the main reason I went to the trouble to
compile 3.3).  I have an XML data file of only 933 KB (yes, kilobytes--only
been using GnuCash 2 or 3 years).

When I click the menu option to open the editor, GnuCash spends several
minutes thinking while it constantly holds one of my CPUs 4 cores at 100%,
although the cores do take turns :-).  During this time, according to the
system monitor, GnuCash goes from 130MB used to 2.3 GB (gigabytes!).  When
the dialog finally opens, there are zero maps displayed.

Selecting Non-Bayesian or Online ID also leaves zero items to display.
Clicking back to Bayesian puts GnuCash into "wait" mode again.  System
monitor shows GnuCash using 25% of CPU resources, with various cores pegged
at or near 100%.  Memory usage stays stable at 2.3GB.

Is this expected behavior?


*Jim Passmore*
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