[GNC] How to use Mortgage and Loan repayment with a different monthly payment.

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[GNC] How to use Mortgage and Loan repayment with a different monthly payment.


I am having trouble schedule monthly payment with Mortgage and Loan
repayment program.  It doesn't work for my use case.  I wonder if there is a
better solution or am I using it incorrectly.

I have a 180 months (15yr) mortgage with 4% interest rate.  Original loan
amount 300,000.  Starting date 07/01/2017.  Scheduled payment is
2500.00(principle+interests) per month, but instead I have been making
3000.00 every month. (500 extra go towards principle)
(Above numbers are made up numbers)

When I finish the wizard in mortgage loan repayment program, it gives me a
scheduled split-transaction correctly as $2500 every month.

There is no place for me to put my customized monthly payment.  Therefore,
the interest and remaining principle is all out of sync.

Can someone help?  I found a solution
on the forum, but I had a question on how to use a customized formula in a
scheduled transaction.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

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