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[GNC] Help Resolving AP Issue

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Re: [GNC] Help Resolving AP Issue

Geert Janssens-4
Op vrijdag 8 februari 2019 23:04:55 CET schreef tbalaban:

> Hi All,
> When still getting my arms around how to properly post transactions I think
> I did a fewdirect posts to Accounts Payable instead of processing a proper
> payment using the payment processing tool.
> I see on my Balance Sheet a different number than I see in my Aged Accounts
> Payable. The Balance Sheet AP is much larger.
> My question is how can track down these incorrect transactions that were
> posted AP but to a speciific vendor? I think I may have found one of them
> but other than the fact I can't see the item on the vendor report, I can't
> see a way to find the detail I'm looking for.
> Any suggestions wil be greatly appreciated.

This one perhaps:



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