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Changing appearance somewhat solved for me after days in the WIKI and trial & errorI'm no coder but know a little of many but master of none. It may not be the correct way but it works for me. I needed it darker
In preferences / register / check off use default appearance

In windows 7 go to folderC:\Users\'username"\AppData\Local\gtk-3.0
edit system.ini and make "gtk-application-prefer-dark-theme=true"
Create file "gtk.css" and input the contence ofhttps://github.com/Gnucash/gnucash/blob/maint/doc/gtk-3.0.css   to test
 gtk.css file I created below---

/* Note: Widgets obtained from Glade files will not be addressable   unless they have been named or have style classes added. Only   the widget type can be configured unless they are named in code */

/* Toolbar */      toolbar toolbutton label {   font-size: 16px;}    /* Chart of Accounts */
#account_tree {  font-size: 1.2em;}  /* Register */
 sheet {  color: #fff600;  font: 14px Verdana; } /* Negative value label colors */.default-color {  color: @default-color;}
.negative-numbers {  color: @negative-numbers;}
/* Register Cursor settings, top, right, bottom, left */.cursor .entry {  margin: 2px 5px 2px 5px;  /* this only works by doing it in code, yellow area */  padding: 2px 2px 2px 2px; /* all work with different values, around the text blue area */}
.cursor .button {  margin: 1px 1px 1px 1px; /* does not work, not used, here for completeness */}

/* Register defaults */@define-color register_header_bg_color #252525;@define-color register_primary_bg_color #753535;@define-color register_secondary_bg_color #353535;@define-color register_split_bg_color #353535;@define-color register_cursor_bg_color #252525;@define-color register_fg_color #15ff00;
*.register-foreground {  color: @register_fg_color;}
*.register-header {  background-color: @register_header_bg_color;}
*.register-primary {  background-color: @register_primary_bg_color;}
*.register-primary:insensitive {  background-color: mix (@register_primary_bg_color, grey, 0.2);}
*.register-secondary {  background-color: @register_secondary_bg_color;}
*.register-secondary:insensitive {  background-color: mix (@register_secondary_bg_color, grey, 0.2);}
*.register-split {  background-color: @register_split_bg_color;}
*.register-split:insensitive {  background-color: mix (@register_split_bg_color, grey, 0.2);}
*.register-cursor {  background-color: @register_cursor_bg_color;}
*.register-cursor:insensitive {  background-color: mix (@register_cursor_bg_color, grey, 0.2);}
/* Change font color by mixing with grey */.lighter-grey-mix {  color: mix (currentColor, grey, 0.8);}
.darker-grey-mix {  color: mix (currentColor, grey, 0.2);}
/* Some tweaks for the about dialog */dialog#GnuCash > box > box > label{  font-size: 24px;}

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