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[GNC] Expense accounts in bills

david whiting

Gnucash Version: 3.3
Build ID: 3.3+ (2018-09-29)
Ubuntu 18.10

I'm using gnucash for a community club where we have members who I
represent in gnucash as Assets:Accounts Receivable:Members:Firstname

I need to create bills for members and wish to select the relevent
account receivable in the Expense portion of the bill, i.e. it is an
expense for the member and not for the club. However, very few of the
accounts receivable show up in the selection box. I have got around
this by creating a spreadsheet that I then import to create the bills,
but it means that I need to do extra work to keep that spreadsheet up
to date when new members join.

Is there a limit on the number of accounts that can appear in the
selection box? Is there any other reason why only a handful of the
300+ members show up?


David Whiting
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