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Ken Heard-2
I have been using GnuCash since 2009.  Twice every year I need to
transfer my account file from one desktop to another.  I never had any
trouble opening GnuCash after each such transfer until now.

Early on in my use of GnuCash I changed the accounts separator from the
colon (:) to the back slash (\).  Since that change I use the colon in
quite a few account names, currently numbering about fifty..

When I tried to open my account after the most recent transfer, a window
appeared saying the following.

        The separator character ":" is used in one or more
        account names. [Actually about 50 accts.]

        This will result in unexpected behavour.  Either change
         the account names or choose another separator character.

I would like to do one or the other, but the GnuCash Preferences window
is locked.  I can open it on the monitor but cannot make changes to
*any* of the preferences.

The version of GnuCash which I want now to use GnuCash is 2.6.15, the
latest one available with Debian Stretch.  I am not sure what version
was the previous computer, except to say that it was likely the latest
version available with Debian Wheezy.

I would appreciate receiving information on how to fix this problem. I
did try to find the location of the file containing the selected
preferences but was unsuccessful.

Regards, Ken

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