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[GNC] Add a Line-Feed to Report Title

Richard Marmor
In Gnucash 2.6.21, the standard report title for an Income Statement reads:

     (Company Name)(Report Title) For Period Covering (start date) to
(end date)

which for my purposes is too lengthy.

In the report's generator file, income-statement.scm, I found this:

  doc (sprintf #f
          (string-append "%s %s "
                   (_ "For Period Covering %s to %s"))
          company-name report-title
                (gnc-print-date start-date-printable)
                (gnc-print-date end-date-tp)))

Can someone tell me how to modify it so as to insert a line feed so the report
title will appear on two lines as:

     (Company Name)(Report Title)
     For Period Covering (start date) to (end date)

I am not a programmer.  I tried reading some of the help information among the
SCM files, but frankly it was all Greek to me.



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