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Displaying memo in Basic Ledger

Hi All,

I found two very old enhancements for the issue with repeated Transaction Description in Basic Ledger view:


It seems that nothing has changed since 2004 and the only way to make list of such transactions useful is to create filtered 'Transaction Report' ('Account report' and 'Account transaction report' have the same issue).

Of course, I could use Transaction Journal to see details but, using an example from Bugzilla, I wouldn't like to see bought CDs in Books account and Books in CDs. And I understand problem with editing transaction description raised by Chris Shoemaker but I think there is a solution: why not to use new (optional) column for memo like in 'Transaction Report'? This column could be locked for simple transaction and not displayed in Auto-Split Ledger / Transaction journal views.

Do you find such change useful? And do you think if there is a chance to have this implemented?