Chase Sapphire Preferred...anyone have success?

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Chase Sapphire Preferred...anyone have success?

I download data from Chase Sapphire and Chase Amazon Visa cards using

I have never had success connecting any accounts from within Gnucash.
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Re: Chase Sapphire banking setup SUCCESS

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Welp, I'm pretty pumped as I'm pleased to say, that I've been able to successfully link my Chase Sapphire Preferred credit card with GnuCash using the online banking setup.  Works perfectly, did not have to contact Chase to do so, and not paying any monthly fee to Chase to download my transactions, etc.

Had pretty much given up hope, especially after some of the replies here and on other similar threads. Had some time yesterday and with little expectation, I went to the GnuCash's documentation, went to the Chase section, and had no issues entering the information for the Chase credit card.  No idea what, if anything has changed...

Like I say, now works perfectly.

Happy camper!


Bank name: Chase (credit card)
FID: 10898
Server URL:
App ver: 2200
Header ver: 102