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Announcing new Reconciliation Report

Attached is a new reconciliation report. I want to thank TJJunior for
providing an example.  First I would like to say I find the built in
reconciliation tool works well for doing most reconciliations.

To install this report download the attached files and put them into your
.gnucash folder.  In windows for me this is c:/users/UserName/.gnucash.
Warning if you already have a config.user file then first put it into a
different folder and then copy the entries in config.user into your
existing config.user file.

When the report opens the default is to print a section with credits
followed by a section with debits.  You can change this by going to
options, the display tab and unselecting display credits and debits
separately.  Unselecting this option will print just one section with all
of the transactions together for example:

date        clothing              -245.27
date        salary                  125.32
date        hobbies              - 50.38

On the display tab unchecking the  show cleared transactions and unchecking
show not reconciled but leaving the show reconciled transactions checked
will create a report just showing reconciled transactions.

By default the report shows the transactions for the last 365 days.  The
time period is set on the general tab.  Since I don't know how to have the
menus change based on your selection, you select how you want to enter the
date where it says select time period.  To use the old method of entering
dates, select custom dates and then use the next two line to select the
time period.
 Since you probably do not want to see all of the  transactions for the
past year, on the display tab you can set a date after which reconciled
transactions are shown. The default is to just show transactions reconciled
in the past 5 days.  I choose this so I could work on reconciling the
checkbook over a couple of days but none of the transactions I already
reconciled last month are shown.

If you are out of balance by 100.52 you can use the find command on the
sort tab to look for all amounts ending in 52

You can also use the primary and secondary sort on the sorting tab to list
the transactions in whatever order you want.  The default is to list by
date but you can also sort by amount or by a combination of date and amount
which lists by date and then lists the transactions which are all on the
same day by amount.  I have a credit card statement that groups charges by
category so I sort by other account and then by date.  Note that the name
of the account is  "other account name"  since the account you are printing
out the reconciliation for is considered the "account"..  This just means
when you want to display the accounts or find an account name you need to
use the menu choice labeled "other account name"

There are a lot of menu choices on the display tab but it is not as bad as
it looks.  All of them allow you to select if something should be displayed
or hidden, such as the check number.

Doug Doughty

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