Accounts translated, LANG & LANGUAGE again...

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Accounts translated, LANG & LANGUAGE again...

Tor Harald Thorland

Please have a look at the following "problem":
Gnucash svn r. 13542
Ubuntu Dapper Drake Linux with Locale nb_NO.utf8

I had a discussion/Lot of nice help on IRC about 3 weeks ago about LANG
& LANGUAGE... We found out that the following way to start gnucash was
the only one wich worked under Ubuntu:
If we only used LANGUAGE, the accounts hierarchi setup would show up as
english, and the rest of the program in norwegian.

tortho@inspiron:~$ LANG=nb_NO.utf8 LANGUAGE=nb_NO.utf8

That did work until now recently.. If I try it today, I'll get the
following text at startup.

** (process:1954): WARNING **: gnc-module failed to set LD_LIBRARY_PATH

(gnucash:1954): Gdk-WARNING **: locale not supported by Xlib

(gnucash:1954): Gdk-WARNING **: cannot set locale modifiers

Dette er en utviklings versjon. Den virker kanskje.
Rapporter feil og andre problemer til [hidden email].
Du kan også søke etter og legge inn feilrapporter på
Den siste stabile versjonen var GnuCash 1.8.12
Neste stabile versjon vil være GnuCash 2.0

gnucash: [M] "Found Finance::Quote version "1.08

As you can see the text is Norwegian, ans so is the translation in the
The thing that has changed is that if I choose file -> new, it asks me
if i want to save. After the save dialog, NOTHING. (Here usually the
english accounts did show up if there was any errors on the locale
during startup...)
(And also nomally at startup the first time you are u are running
gnucash it will show the setup wizard... and it doesn't.

If I start with english language, it does the same, but after the save
dialog it does show the Account setup.....

If I put my whole system to run in Norwegian language, it works fine,
with both norwegian language & accounts.

What has happend here the last 2-3 weeks? Am I missing something? I
haven't connected my laptop to the internet since I sorted out this last
time, so ubuntu is not updated..
So i guess it's something with GnuCash or MYSELF that is wrong (Most
certanly the last :-)

Wouldn't it be better if gnucash could put LANG and LANGUAGE as the
same.. so we don't need to add 2 to get the locale working?

Tor Harald

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